CD Marcos Pin Duology II

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All About Jazz – BRUCE LINDSAY

Released 02 February 2015 FreecodeRecords

Telmo Fernandez, guitar. (Left in stereo mix)
Marcos Pin, guitar. (Right in stereo mix)

Style: Modern Jazz

Mixed & Mastered by Arne Bock.

Art Design by Rocío Alén (TrazaTrapo).


Track List:

1.Old Folks 06:29
2.Nica´s Dream 05:56
3.I Wish I Knew 08:38
4.Things aint what they used to be 06:51
5.Polkadots and Moonbeams 08:21
6.Cry Me a River 10:07
7. I Fall in Love too Easily 03:36

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Marcos Pin Duology II