Project Description

Arne Bock traveld with dutch based New European Ensemble to function as sound designer and live mixing for 3 major performances During the Made festival 2014

1st Concert: Saiyah

How does the blue? Which timbre is yellow? Saiyah, which premiered at MADE, multimedia artist Yoko Seyama and composer Benjamin Stearn created a work in which the sounds/timbres, color and form are in constant harmony. A captivating interaction between music and enigmatic light sculptures in constant motion. One of the starting point is Staerns ability to associate tones with colors, so-called synesthesia.

Music: Benjamin Staern
Scene Picture: Yoko Seyama
Artistic and interdisciplinary coordination: Christian Karlsen
Musical direction: Christian Karlsen
Sound design and live mixing: Arne Bock
Guitar Solo: Jacob Kellermann
Trombone Solo: Lars Karlin
New European Ensemble
Technical Coordinator: Anke Laerenbergh

more info: Umea 2014

2nd Concert: Nox Borealis

In close collaboration with composer and video designer Jean Baptiste Barierre, Arne Bock did the live mixing on a 8 speaker surround system and with Nerw European Ensemble conducted by Christian Karlsen, did the first ever live performance of Nox Borealis.

The set is an installation of the Polar Prize winner Kaija Saariaho and French composer Jean Baptiste Barriere. As an audience you lie down on mattresses surrounded by musicians while the light installation is projected on the ceiling.

Finnish Kaija Saariaho, with its mix of acoustic and electronic music a global name in contemporary art music. Jean Baptiste Barriere often creates works that combine image with music and has also collaborated with director Peter Greenaway.

Music: Kaija Saariaho
Conducter: Christian Karlsen
Live Video: Jean Baptiste Barriere
Live sound design and mix: Arne Bock
Musicians: Live New European Ensemble

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3rd Concert: Concert New European Ensemble

New European Ensemble under the direction of Christian Karlsen played orchestral music signed four of today’s most exciting American-influenced composers. Soloist David Moss.


John Adams (US, born 1947) – Chamber Symphony (1992), Louis Andriessen (NL, 1939-) – Zilver

Heiner Goebbels (orch. Ali Askin-Christian Karlsen) (DE, f 952) – Faust im Wappen from Surrogate Cities for vocalist and orchestra

Kate Moore (Aust, born in 1979) – Days and Nature for orchestra and sound sculpture

Fully amplified Ensemble and Soloist, Sound design Arne Bock

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Below a few photos from the projects

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